Squared Circle Pit

Squared Circle Pit

Friday, June 29, 2012

Do they wear the same size genes (or separated at birth)?

Rock N' Roll Buck Zumhoff 
Rudolf Schenker of the Scorps

Tom "Pig Champion" Robert of Poison Idea (on guitar)

and (early, pre-mohawked) One Man Gang

Pig C., R.I.P. 

and "The Stone Mountain from Stone Mountain, Georgia", Jerry Blackwell

Pig Champion rides again!

and Giant Hackstacks uh, sits again

Jerry A. gets 'em up for the suplex! 

While the (Original) Sheik's throwing fire

to match the infernal breath of Poison Idea's Jerry A

Jerry gets (as they say in the biz) some good color

and Dusty and Flair - open up & bleed

Hell, nearly all of Poison Idea could've been wrestlers with the svelte
Myrtle Tickner being the sly and devious manager.

The Fabulous Freebirds

and Deicide 

Antiseen - current heavyweight champs of rock and wrestlin'!

And (see above for the Freebirds) 
(*Lance Russell voice*) "aaaaaayyyyyyyyynd..."

The Midnight Rider + 

The Masked Superstar  x


Antiseen's Jeff Clayton doing his ode to...

The Madman from the Sudan!

Buckhouse Buck 

and Paul McCartney (who's barely rockin' but play along...)

80's Teenage Comedy Ham N' Egger, Michael Zorek
(see the big feller in front) 

and "Magnificent" Don Muraco - who's CERTAINLY no ham n' egger. 

Muraco: The American Hardcore Years - screaming at more than just a wall

The Grand Wizard of Wrestling

and the Cosmic Commander of Wrestling 
(Rancid Vat, Cosmic Commander's Intergalactic Rockestra)

The Barbarian 

The Barbarian in the Powers of Pain (alongside The Warlord & Mr. Fuji). 

and (Black Metal power lifters) Blasphemy 

The Undertaker and Kane

Usurper (Chicago) 

Chavo & Hector Guerrero had the bullets before...

the bestial in-vay-sioonnnn auf Germany's Destruction

The Army of Darkness' Purple Haze (aka: "Maniac" Mark Lewin) x

Hornswoggle - minus beard

 + late 90s NWO/WCW-era Sting

= Ozzy and his "ghoul-friend" 

Claw throwin' Dark Funeral 

and the claw applying Great Kabuki

I gotta go to the Barathrum
While not an exact match, the blonde jobber in front reminds me of...

"Flying"Brian Pillman

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