Squared Circle Pit

Squared Circle Pit

Saturday, December 10, 2011

High Weirdness From Memphis:

Not so good character Ta-Gar from Memphis' USWA territory uses the intro to Ozzy's "Journey to the Center of Eternity" mixed with weird bluescreen effects and volcanic imagery.

 Next up is the crazy Southern Heavyweight champ Eric Embury fresh off his run in Texas' World Class (which merged with some of the Memphis territory in the USWA circa: the early 90s). Here Embry promos in near Death Metal style with "graves dug up...bodies dismembered" and then shows a clip from the classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This is turn promotes the Leatherface angle.


This Leatherface was a part of the short-lived tag-team with Ta-Gar (who was only in the territory for a few weeks). Ta-Gar, Leatherface and Embry also had Tojo Yamamoto (who was a legendary heel in Memphis), Judge Dredd (!?). Say what you will about "fixed", "fake" and "scripted" but a guy with a chainsaw running loose in a closed-in TV studio is doesn't have a happy ending. Hell, I should know I saw Stan "The Lariat" Hansen whup a bullrope only feet a away from my head at the Henry J. Kaiser in Oakland (June 1986). The dude was big & way scary and you DON'T fuck around with someone who was once tag champs with Bruiser Brody.

Getting back to the rock connection with all of this - we find Leatherface's FMW aka: Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (Japan) federation theme which sounds very mid-period Megadeth to me - very riffy & heavy Oops - just discovered this is done by Bay Area metallers, Laaz Rockit.I wasn't much into them but this song's defo. one of their best. However, this appears to be cover with minimal lyrics with only the chorus in English. 

Anyway, I DO agree with one of the commentators the Ta-Gar clip. The worst of USWA angle or character is 1000x better than the some of the best stuff McMahon's WWE has come up with. Yeah, John Cena can wrestle but ideally, his character should have less heat than the Mulkey Brothers.