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Squared Circle Pit

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wrestling Podcastin' the way it oughta be!

After much searching I finally found the BEST Pro Wrestling podcast. While I do love Colt Cabana's show I admittedly haven't heard of some of the people that are his guests. Sure, I know CM Punk, Koffi Kingston but what exactly is a Dolph Ziggler? I do like some current era grapplers (the aforementioned CM Punk, Paul London, Bryan Dainelson and of course, Cobana). Although, gimmie a mustashoied Tony Schavoine, Jake "The Snake" Roberts' connection with Alice Cooper, Lance Russell impersonations and Kevin Sullivan's "Super Shocking Satanic Schtik" screaming from a magazine & I'll be a happy wrestle-nerd.  

The Black Cat and Dre having been presenting the Old School Wrestling Podcast since 2010. Their site once hosted an earlier podcast under the name Good Will Wrestling which Rob Neyer & someone named Good Helmet hosted. GWW also had Rancid's Lars Fredriksen as a special guest. 

Getting back to OSW, they not only review matches but go into deep about the significance of (Jim Crockett Promotions/NWA's) The New Breed's use of The Beastie Boys in 1987 (MCA, r.i.p.) as their intro music thereby underscoring Black Cat & Dre's theory that instead of wrestling being 4-5 behind the culture it's making like Hawkind in the spirit of the age. 

Thankfully, they rarely mention the ultra-nerd stuff like work-rate and 3-5 star matches (that stuff's OK to learn but it's also extremely subjective and often too arcane to me). Instead, they're focused on the intricacies of a Rick Rude headlock, the construction techniques of Mid-South's barbwire matches and whether or not they'd eat at Abdullah the Butcher's House of Ribs and Chinese Food. 

Here's The Black Cat and Dre in the alternate universe's WTBS' Techwood Drive Studios. 

OSW pocast episode #50 covers the last WCW Nitro. Speaking of...

5 hours of all you can drink beer makes those 20 minute Jeff Jarrett promos go down much easier. 

OSW podcast now has a killer deal where you can get their first 50 episodes with snazzy looking booklet in this box set below for just $9.99. (And yes, Marc Maron they thought of this first, and while you're at it why don't you book Mick Foley on your show? I see on Thursday he's gonna have the Killer Bees on oops!...wrong one).  Anyway, go get this - it has my total support. Old School Pro Wrestling Podcast is forever enshrined in the halls of wrestle-valhalla (just past the tree of woe & up the 13th step, go left by the three eyed lady selling cosmic cookies).