Squared Circle Pit

Squared Circle Pit

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"That's not Heavy Metal, that's not Rock n' Roll - that's noise."

Terminal mid-carder J.T. Southern comes to the ring foisting the 6-string like every annoying ass hot to trot dude in every Guitar Center ever. I first heard some almost Judas Priest-ish riffs in a earlier video featuring him & Bam Bam Bigelo from their early days in the Philly/New Jersey region as part of "Playboy" Larry Sharpe's "Monster Factory". (Larry Sharpe's not to be confused with the other Playboys: Buddy Rose and Doug Summers).

This starts with 'The 'Mircin Drim shillin' for Nintendo then a bunch of riffs intro-ing Mr. Southern. I believe this to be WCW circa: 1992-ish when they got an announcer's "coup" with the trinity of not only the regular Tony Schivane but also WWF ex-pats, Jessie "The Body" Ventura and "Mean Gene" Okerlund (and at some point the disgruntled Bruno Samartino who from that point on wasn't too big on McMahon & co.'s style of wrestlng or lack thereof). Southern is basically my mid-80's guitar teacher playing riffs (though he was more apt in spewing out Yngwie like gazillion MPH fret shred barf like this...

Though, strangely enough at this time in WCW he was feuding with "Heavy Metal" Van Hammer who's own gimmick I don't recall being too Metal sans his long hair. On second thought...here he is fresh off his try out with Black N' Blue.
Also, Van Hammer did have a seemingly random role in Raven's Flock circa: 1997. OK, so Raven did wear t-shirts of Nevermore and Ministry but Van Hammer never sported a shirt by a single Metal band. Though, in 1998 the True Rock N' Wrestling clock was off by a few years when Van Hammer went into a grunge gimmick (yet Raven also wore Eddie Vedder-ish long shorts, named his finishing hold "Evenflow" and had the Nevermore t-shirt but OK, also KMFDM, Janes' Addiction shirt so 120 Minutes won out over Headbanger's Ball). Here's Van Hammer - the uh, grlunge/grlamunge-era?!?