Squared Circle Pit

Squared Circle Pit

Friday, September 2, 2011

Music Library Intro Themes

I just discovered this going 'round YouTube looking for more ring intros. Turns out Japan - particularlity the New Japan and All Japan Pro Wrestling has TONS of "music library" created themes. What I'd like to know is who the hell are the musicians that make this stuff 'cause as you'll see/hear a lot of this is really interesting and often quite good!

We start with this very riffy, rather solid metallic number that would be far from fitting on say a Jag Panzer record. It's current WWE grappler Evan Borne (who I seem to always mix up with Maniac Matt Borne who was the original Doink the Clown, however they're not related).

This concept was used in Japan but in an even more wilder and interesting way. Would would've thought that the insanely incredible duo of Stan "The Lariet" Hansen and Bruiser Brody would work with John Barry meets Issac Hayes workout of below? (Yes, I KNOW these are 2 covers of Fred Zep).

The "1997 NWO Wolfpack Sting meets 1985 Road Warriors (and a wee bit of Great Muta's) look from a grappler just called Hate (no relation to KPFA DJ Mr. Hate or the Polish Death Metal band) somehows mushes up mid-paced techno, electro-funk and some kinda Joe Satriani-ish shed guitar and somehow manages to make it work.

Back to Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, Billy Ken Kid's theme sounds really close to an instrumental that easily would've found it's way on a Dokken album or B-side. I mean this with respect as I friggin' like them for the most part and George Lynch's playing is actually quite good (albeit not someone I listen to a great deal these days).

If you'd like some cheese then check out Masahiro Chono's New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) theme totally sounds like anything from Rhapsody of Fire (or really 99.9% of from their goofy label Limb Music). 


Regardless of what you think, these themes are a LOT more interesting than a lot of the drek that WCW and WWE/F came up with over the years (save HHH's "The Game" 'cause that's by Motörhead  - hence, it's unfuckwithable).

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