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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wrestling on acid or the strange story of Chris Colt

After Alice Cooper but before Turbonegro.

Even for the strange world of wrestling, Chris Colt was an odd duck, I stumbled across his name when looking for more info on the Arizona wrestling history and found this "holy shit!" photo above located on [url=http://www.cagesideseats.com/2009/08/23/in-which-we-learn-about-chris-colt/]Cageside Seats. [/url]. It may not be a big deal today but for the wrestling world in 1980-81 to mix up arena rock and '77 UK punk was something else. Wrestlers like bands have gimmicks and some go over great and others get overlooked.
Interestingly, Colt was one-half of the heel tag-team the Comarncharos who worked in Boston and Arizona. The Comancharos story line was that they were brothers but in reality they were actually a gay couple. (Wrestling was then very in closet as opposed to recent years where they've had several openly gay guys in the business. Namely WWF Hall of Famer Pat Patterson and the later Kris Kanyon).
The (yes I know, "how ironic") gay pro wrestling site goes into this further over here.
He returned to Phoenix and was fired, when on an acid trip, he freaked out during a cage bout and thought he saw giant spiders crawling up the cage. Making his escape, he headed into the crowd, swinging wildly, and starting one of the worst riots ever in Phoenix.
One of the comments says: "Good bio of Colt in the book “Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Heels.” FUN FACT: He took his name, Colt, from his favorite gay porno mag."

Finally, here's Colt as "Crazy Chris Colt" from the All Star Wrestling territory in Vancouver, BC. getting some good heat from the crowd in this match vs. Verne Siebert. Then Moondog Moretti cuts a nice promo: "It's gonna take a lot more than a freak and a geek". Dean Ho's mic work is eh, not so much. Also, check out his use of AC/DC's "Back in Black" before it was used 1000 of times over.

Here's Colt with his then tag-partner Sgt. Al Tomko reviewing their match with Moondog Moretti and Dean Ho. The camera go on Colt's promo @ 5:25

Final nerd note: The Hawaiian Hurricane match is the same set up as a Texas Tornado used in the World Class fed and here & there in other feds.

"True men, true men - rock n' roll never forgets."


  1. I recall Colt wrestling in the Seattle area in the early-70s. Back then he had the persona of a biker. The audiences hated him, thus he was fairly successful.

  2. Great article about a fascinating wrestler. PS Thanks for the link to The Crypt of Wrestling! I have moved here to Blogspot if you want to update your link. (also "cryptwrestling" on Pinterest)